Cognex - Introduction to Machine Vision


Vision Tools and Calculators


Basler - Camera Selector

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Basler - Lens Selector

Please enter your criteria and we'll show you suitable lens models.

The minimum operating distance (MOD) of the lens is not considered in the calculation.

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Basler - Frame Rate Calculator

Let the Frame Rate Calculator Do the Math!

The Basler Frame Rate Calculator calculates the frame rate or line scan rate for your Basler area scan camera or line scan camera once a few parameters have been specified. For instance, should you wish to define an area of interest (AOI), the tool determines the maximum frame rate or line scan rate that can be achieved.

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Cognex - Lens Advisor

The Cognex Lens Advisor makes it easy to select the right lens for each Vision or ID application.  Depending on the information you have available about your application, select the tab that gives the information you would like the lens advisor to calculate.

Open Cognex - Lens Advisor


Cognex - Lighting Advisor

This unique tool allows you to explore the effects of different lighting techniques and lighting positions on a range of typical items. Select a item from the icons shown at the top, then choose a lighting technique on the left. Hovering over the icons will display descriptions of the lighting techniques. Click on the buttons on the right to see the effect of moving the lighting closer and further away from the item being illuminated.

Open Cognex - Lighting Advisor