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NorPix StreamPix Audio Recording Module

Audio Module for StreamPix - Audio recording and playback capability

NorPix StreamPix Audio Trigger Module

Audio Trigger Module for StreamPix - event triggering based on sound detection

NorPix StreamPix Batch Processing Module

Batch Processor Module for StreamPix. Command line application for converting offline Str...

NorPix StreamPix Birger Module

Birger Module for StreamPix - Canon lens control module via Birger adapter. Controls focu...

NorPix StreamPix Cuda JPEG Module

Cuda JPEG Real Time Compression Module for StreamPix - real time JPEG compression for high...

NorPix StreamPix Cuda Merge Module

Merge Module for StreamPix - Combines multiple video streams together in real time into a ...

NorPix StreamPix DAQ Module

DAQ Module for StreamPix - multiple channel data acquisition module with A/D conversion. ...

NorPix StreamPix Distance Module (With GPS Module)

Distance Measuring Interval Module for StreamPix is capable of controlling image capture r...