The World Standard for Lenses.
When your application requires perfect vision, you know where to turn. For more than 40 years, Computar® has been the world leader in optics across industries including intelligent traffic systems, machine vision, defense, security and life sciences.  Whatever your specific needs, Computar® has the lens that fits.

Computar’s History
Beginning in the 1970s, Computar has set the pace, pioneering new and innovative lenses that out-class the competition at every turn. With a solid foundation based on Japanese engineering and agile production facilities spanning the globe, we operate under a dual mandate to create the highest-quality optics products, at an economical price point that works within your budget.

Computar® is a registered trademark of the CBC Group.



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Computar Lens C-Mount M0814-MP2

Lens Computar M0814-MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3"

Computar Lens C-Mount M1214-MP2

Lens Computar M1214-MP2 F1.4 f12mm 2/3"

Computar Lens C-Mount M1614-MP2

Lens Computar M1614-MP2 F1.4 f16mm 2/3"

Computar Lens C-Mount M2514-MP2

Lens Computar M2514-MP2 F1.4 f25mm 2/3"

Computar Lens C-Mount M3514-MP

Lens Computar M3514-MP F1.4 f35mm 2/3"

Computar Lens C-Mount M5018-MP2

Lens Computar M5018-MP2 F1.8 f50mm 2/3"